Hand in hand with technology, education remains a critical engine of corporate growth from the Boardroom to the factory floor. Increasing use of technology in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and communication has put increased educational demands on even the most skilled and veteran employees.

Upgrading line of business workers to the HSDE Intermediate level (Grade 9) or HSDE Proficiency level (CSEC, Grade 11) will enable workers and employers to upgrade for skills training and individual and corporate certification including NVQ, ISO and others.

Many workplaces have reaped benefits from entry level programmes delivering upgrades at the basic literacy level HSDE Level 1 (Grade 6)

Upgrading ancillary and support staff can yield line of business improvements by empowering them to self manage and communicate more effectively in a world of staff memos, order forms and company newsletters, freeing managerial time to focus on core objectives

Our educational approach respects and prioritises the result driven demands of adult learners, providing them with instruction that can be customised using their own workplace jargon

With the increased sophistication of modern workplace equipment, the responsibility for safety and maintenance is becoming more reliant on complex operational and safety manuals, placing more demands on the educational faculties of operators, maintenance personnel and supervisors. Smart employers are recognising the opportunity of twinning corporate innovation with education to improve profitability, productivity, morale and safety.