Education challenges in the workplace are a critical and often unseen drain on businesses. They impede productivity and expansion opportunities and often put staff and equipment at risk. Companies that invest in  JFLL's Workplace  interventions companies often see almost immediate improvements in productivity and morale and the value of their human capital pool for growth and advancement.

In communities education challenges manifest most often as impaired economic development but also impairs the community's chances for social inclusion and growth. JFLL's Community interventions provide individuals and their families with improved tools for employment, entrepreneurship, problem and dispute resolution and ultimately improved governance and social inclusion

Built on decades of experience in delivering success in adult education in companies and communities, the JFLL is well poised to work with educational sponsors to deliver successful interventions using the High School Diploma Equivalency (HSDE) curriculum . It can be customised to fit the academic and delivery time and place needs of the learner and sponsor.

Learners can enter the programme at any educational level and benefit from an adult learner centric programme that will take them to exit points at the Basic - Grade 6; Intermediate - Grade 9; or Proficiency - Grade 11 levels. The Intermediate level is articulated to the national skills training entry requirements so learners will be ready for HEART NTA training. The Proficiency level is articulated to the regionally accepted CSEC standard offering learners the added option of pursuing tertiary education.