Education has repeatedly proven to be a driver of community growth and harmony. It has reduced crime vice and has driven peace and prosperity. Indeed interventions at the basic literacy level, accessible via the HSDE Basic level have both anecdotally and scientifically proven to lead to reductions in crime, reduced dependency on state resources , gains in employment, child education, increased self esteem and more effective community governance and citizenship.

JFLL has had extensive success in developing and implementing community based education programmes working with sponsors as diverse as NGOs, Members of Parliament and corporations.

Our approach places significant emphasis on the dignity of the learner, empowering them with a suite of intellectual tools and self affirming principles that allows them to accomplish educational and personal development goals.

Our educational approach respects and prioritises the result driven demands of adult learners, providing them with instruction that can be customised using their own workplace jargon

Communities where JFLL Community programmes have been implemented have often been able to realise tangible improvements in employability and an increased and improved participation in governance. On completing their studies, learners frequently proceed to skills training and certification, leveraging the built in HSDE Intermediate articulation to HEART NTA. This turns communities into “economic opportunity” zones as learners transition to the worlds of work and entrepreneurship. The HSDE programme also sets a stage for improved childhood education outcomes as parents use their improved education to assist their children.