The Proficiency Level equips you to complete your high school studies and prepares you for success at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams. The subjects at this level are: English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Information Technology and Human & Social Biology.

On successfully completing this set of exams you will receive your HSDE diploma. Congratulations!

You are now a High School Graduate, like any other in the world, ready to get better paying jobs or enter community college and some universities to do advanced study for degrees and professions.

Entry Requirements

Entering the HSDE programme is easy. You only need to go to the centre nearest you with 2 passport photos, your birth certificate and a proof of identity (drivers licence, voter's ID etc.). You can also bring a copy of your most recent school report, if you have it.


Registration is also easy. You will need to fill out an application form at the centre, or you can download and complete the one provided here.


After registration new learners will undergo a student assessment programme. This will determine which HSDE level is best for them. Learners must understand that they may be placed at a level lower than they achieved in school. This is because even though they finished the grade, they may not have mastered the material and just need to revise it to advance

        . Download an application form pdf