The High School Diploma Equivalency (HSDE) is a non-formal programme targeting learners 17 years and older. It is offered at the pre-primer to the Grade 11 standards. The programme is geared towards the adult learner, who for one reason or another, didn’t successfully complete education in the formal school sector-primary through to secondary. The HSDE programme is based on a “second chance” concept with the intention of providing learners with access to continuing education opportunities in the pursuit of their personal, professional and academic goals; and ultimately, support them to achieve their full potential.

The HSDE is a three tiered programme, comprising of the following levels: Basic (Grades 1-6); Intermediate (Grades 7-9) and Proficiency (Grades 10-11). Accreditation is benchmarked to the City & Guild, Caribbean Competency Secondary Leaving Certificate and the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (Caribbean Examination Council) and the General Education Diploma (USA). It will cater to at least an estimated 25% of the disadvantaged adult population.

The HSDE programme can be access via the Adult Learner Centres (ALC) across the island, the Career Advance Programme (CAP) and special partnerships facilitated through the Workplace and Community Based Programmes. It will also be web-enabled providing open-access and delivered through diverse modalities.

When you complete your HSDE you will not only be ready for skills training, you will be qualified to enter community college and even universities. You will be better equipped and qualified to pursue the profession you choose, and earn for yourself the kind of living you need to achieve your goals.

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