Programme General Objectives

The Career Advancement Programme General is designed to:
  • Assist learners to become literate and numerate, and to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for employment, retention of employment, and self sufficiency
  • Assist learners in the completion of a secondary school education
  • Assist learners as they transition to post-secondary education or training

Programme Specific Objectives

Upon successful completion of the CAP General programme, it is expected that the learner would have acquired functional literacy and numeracy skills, i.e;
  • Acquired grade nine level education
  • Gained a passing mark in HEART Trust/NTA entrance exam

Goal and Expected Outcome

Upon successful completion of the CAP General programme, it is expected that the learner would have:

  • Displayed prevocational competencies in readiness for TVET;
  • Been ready to undertake further academic and career studies;
  • Been intrinsically motivated, confident and self-directed;
  • Able to think critically and creatively; and
  • Displayed generally positive change in behaviour.

Matriculation Pathways

Learners who have successfully completed the intermediate level will transition into either, or a combination of the following:

1. CAP Technical

The CAP Technical Stream is designed for those persons who choose technical oriented vocational training. The learner who successfully completes the CAP General Stream may matriculate into the CAP Technical Stream.

2. High School Diploma Equivalency (HSDE) Programme)
The learners who successfully completes the basic and intermediate levels of the CAP General may matriculate into the HSDE Programme at the proficiency level (grades10 & 11). At this level the learner will benefit from training at the CSEC level in areas such as:
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Human and Social Biology
  • Information Technology
The learner who successfully completes the final examination/ assessment the learner will be awarded a High School Diploma Equivalency.

3. HEART Trust/NTA training institutions
The Learner may choose to matriculate into the HEART Trust/NTA institutions where they will pursue TVET course of their choice.

4. The World of Work/Apprenticeship Programme
Learners may at the end of the programme decide to enter into the world of work. However, the learner may later choose to return and matriculate into any of the other three options. Therefore institutions shall maintain the learner database that will allow for future contact with each learner.

The following diagram shows the suggested pathway for the CAP General learner.


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