The JFLL partners with many organisations in Jamaica and abroad to offer its services to adult learners, communities and organisations in support of adult literacy and lifelong learning


The Ministry of Education, Youth & Information is the governing and regulatory agency for education in Jamaica and provides educational services directly from the pre-primary to secondary level and special education. It is the parent agency of the JFLL

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The Possibility Programme

The Possibility Programme is a multiagency project implemented in 2001 by the Office of the Prime Minister aimed at providing support for children and youths who are on the street, to better improve their life chances.


The national training agency provides skills training to a diverse cross section of Jamaican youth preparing them to take their place in the economy and society

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The United Nations Educatonal Scientific and Cultural Organisation is the key agency in implementing the international drive to secure literacy for all and acts as the central coordinator for the international CONFINTEA summits and the Belem Framework for Action in education and coordinates international statistics in education

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YUTE – Youth Upliftment Through Education

YUTE is a holistic programme designed to empower young people in troubled communities by:

  • Improving their employability through mentorship and skills upgrading
  • Providing opportunities for gainful employment – work experience and real jobs

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Boys Town

Boys' Town traditionally served the specific niche of youth development, particularly through education, skills training, sports and cultural activities, within the framework of Christian values espoused by the YMCA and the Methodist Church of Jamaica. The motto is “We Build”. The institution has grown over the years into a multi-service complex embracing education from Early Childhood to All-Age levels, Sports Clubs, certified Youth Skills Training Centre (Boys’-Heart VTC), and social centre activities which fall within the traditional vision and mandate, and form the basis of the organization’s new thrust.


The Jamaican Council for Adult Education is a voluntary non-profit organisation. Its objectives are to support all activities that advance the mission of adult education particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy.


Established in 1973, the National Youth Service was re-launched in 1995 after a 12 year break amidst major concerns about the high level of youth unemployment, academic underachievement, the lack of training opportunities for young people and their escalating trend toward anti-social behaviour. The NYS mandate therefore, is t o tackle these youth issues and make a meaningful impact on the number of unattached youth (i.e. unemployed and not enrolled in school) in Jamaica now totaling over 140,000.

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