Our Mission

To provide in partnership with other organisations, adult education programmes which will establish a culture of lifelong learning that will empower individuals and contribute to national development

Our Vision

is an educated, knowledge-based adult population empowered through lifelong learning opportunities to take responsibility for their lives and contribute positively to the social moral and economic development of the country

Who are We?

The JFLL is an agency of the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information and is charged with the execution of adult and youth learning and lifelong learning interventions from basic literacy to the secondary level.

It is also the lead agency of the GOJ in coordinating with local and international partners in the national drive to accomplish the National and international UNESCO goal of Education for All to support national economic and social development in the thrust towards Jamaica’s Vision 2030 goals.

JFLL offers programmes of study ranging from basic literacy and numeracy up to the level of CSEC subjects in a variety of disciplines and courses in computer applications usage.

Courses are available at 30 Adult Education Centres (AECs) island wide with computer courses at select locations. Additionally the JFLL is grateful for its partnerships with a wide variety of civic and religious organizations to support courses at 100 volunteer or independent AECs across Jamaica.

Further proof of the strength of volunteerism for which the JFLL is grateful is that while it employs a cadre of part time and full time teachers, it welcomes the support of over 150 Jamaicans who have opted to volunteer their service as teachers with the JFLL.

The JFLL is also a critical policy advisor to the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information through its advice of the adult education and adult literacy components of the National Educational Strategic Plan.

It serves this role based on both information generated from its field activities and from its collaboration with UNESCO and other nations to share trends in adult education, best and worst practices and new methods to advance the state of learners worldwide. Through its coordination and execution efforts and with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Jamaica has become one of the signatories to the Belem Framework for Action, a watershed document that commits its signatories to a set of actions and policies that will advance the educational status of their individuals. In fact Jamaica has already begun meaningful steps toward fulfilling the framework with the establishment and strengthening of monitoring systems and procedures.

The JFLL is very active with many other partnerships with agencies and programmes key to its mandate within adult education. These include:

  • The Career Advancement Programme (CAP) - Ministry of Education
  • The Steps to Work and SYEAT programmes - Ministry of Labour and Social Security
  • The Possibility Programme - Ministry of Labour and Social Security
  • The Rehabilitation programmes - Correctional Services Division
  • George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology (GBC) (Canada)