Life Changing Stories


Dillon Dawes: Champion for a Cause

If the truth be told one never stops learning as learning is a continued process. Every day we learn something new. What do we do with this new knowledge however? Often times this knowledge has the power to... Read More

Cleopatra Francis: Paying it 'Forward'

It was 1992 that Cleopatra got involved with JAMAL, from which the Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning owes its genesis... Read More


Una Jackson-Taylor: A lifetime of learning

70 year old, Una Jackson-Taylor is very much in the business of lifelong learning. Mrs. Taylor is currently a student of the Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning's Basic Literacy programme where she recently completed her exams for level four and is awaiting her results... Read More

Fabian Lawes - Against the odds - From school dropout to budding engineer

When Fabian Lawes came to the end of primary school at age 11, his grades were so dismal no high school would take him... Read More


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