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Jamaican Educators – Builders of the Nation - Education Week 2015

The paths to success for nations, communities and individuals are as varied as their geographies, governance and personalities. Some take the paths dictated by circumstances, or simply follow tradition. But others, enlightened and empowered by knowledge gained from the attentions of an educator in a classroom, fancy, simple or perhaps under a tree; create new paths to success.

Throughout history, the true role of educators has been not merely to teach words, numbers, history and meaning to adults, youth and children but actually to uplift the thinking, technology and industry of entire nations and humanity. Educators have brought the wisdom of the ancients and the discoveries of the modern world to Jamaica through the written word and the sciences and made it accessible to the young and to the mature.

The educators of the Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning in particular played a historic role in independent Jamaica’s early development, bringing literacy and the self affirming power of education to Jamaicans 17 and over. They continue this tradition to this day, welcoming and diligently educating mature learners who feel the time has come to secure their education up to the high school graduate level.

Jamaica has developed a far way from its agricultural roots, with knowledge driven industries like finance becoming dominant forces and our presence being felt in the development of regional policies and programmes. This change has arisen not just from the enterprise and intellect of our people, but from the lessons taught to them in the classroom, lecture room and training room by the long serving and dedicated educators of Jamaica.

As much as Jamaica has developed, the advancement of technology and world trade has put us on the cusp of major international economic developments that offer the promise of success to those who are prepared to seize the moment. Here again, the Jamaican adult educator is the critical force needed to convert eager Jamaican adults into the educated, skilled workforce that will propel national growth in the coming years.

As we celebrate Education Week, the Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning congratulates and thanks educators in classrooms across Jamaica and particularly those in our own facilities for their accomplishments to date and their care and attention to the nation’s development. We also look in confident expectation to thanking them again for their future contributions to the advancement of knowledge, prosperity and peace throughout Jamaica.

The JFLL is an agency of the Ministry of Education and is charged with the execution of lifelong learning interventions for adult and youth from basic literacy to the secondary level. The JFLL operates over 27 education centres across Jamaica thereby living up to its motto “Lifelong Learning for Lifelong Opportunities.”

Worrel Hibbert
Executive Director